5 Reasons you should read Prisoner of Night and Fog


I read Prisoner of Night and Fog by Anne Blankman earlier this year and I can honestly say the book blew me away. As soon as I finished the book I immediately wanted to reread it (yes, it is that good) and when I found out that not only is it going to be a duology but the second book is going to be released this year I was beyond excited.

In preparation for the books release tomorrow (April 21st) I thought I would share with you five reasons why I believe you should read the first book!

1. It is historical fiction done right – Anne clearly put a lot of work and research into this book and it shows in her work. Historical Fiction authors, take notes.

2. It’s not a typical WW2 book – Unlike many books this is not set during the holocaust. I mentioned this in my review, but the decision to set this during Hitler’s journey to power gave this book an original and refreshing touch.

3. The forbidden romance – Don’t worry if you’re not crazy about romances – this one certainly takes a back seat to Gretchen’s personal journey. But you can still see hints of it as it slowly develops and you can’t help but root for them! Especially since you know it would be a massive smack in the face of ‘Uncle Dolf’.

4. Character development alert! – Gretchen develops through the course of the novel – it’s a slow process. The fact that she doesn’t suddenly change makes me enjoy her evolution so much more. It seems more natural and realistic.

5. It’s scary how Hitler seems like the good guy – Don’t go jumping to conclusions! Hitler is still the villain but it truly makes you open your eyes and see how it was possible for German citizens during that time to feel that Hitler was their only hope. Anne does an excellent job at making you feel as Gretchen does and it gives the reader a good insight of how those living in those times may have felt – especially as they started to discover that not everything should be taken at face value.

If those five reasons aren’t enough to convince you to pick this book up you can read my full review here. And if you’ve read this book already tell me what you thought about it!


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