Blogging + Life Update; I’m Back!


It’s been almost a month since I’ve published a post here on ohbookish and almost two months since I’ve even written a post. But finally I am free from revision, exams and school!

I didn’t want to just jump back into blogging straight away (lets pretend that I didn’t post a Top Ten Tuesday post, okay?), I felt like you guys deserved a sort of blogging + life update. Plus I did one of these last year after my self-imposed exam hiatus and it’s probably going to be a tradition for the next two years (or until I finally leave the world of education and join the world of work and being a responsible adult *shudders*).

Life Update:

I don’t really have anything planned for the summer so I’ll probably just spend it lazing around, finding a new part-time job and reading + blogging. You guys probably don’t realize how amazing this actually sounds to me after the past two stressful months I’ve had.

One thing I will hopefully be doing (because we still haven’t gotten our tickets so it isn’t 100% guaranteed) is attending YALC. If you don’t know YALC is a book convention held in London as part of the London Film and Comic Con. I attended the first one ever two years ago and I had so much fun. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go to last years one so I’m crossing my fingers I get to go this year. It’s a three day event, but I’m only planning to attend the Sunday so if you’re going that day too and you see me come say hi!

If you want to know more about YALC you can visit their site here.

Blogging Update:

I’ve mentioned countless times on both here and my social medias that I wanted to start booktube. I could never muster the confidence to actually do it. Booktube it so much
different to blogging because on a blog you still have a sense of anonymity but with booktube, your face is out there on the internet for everyone to see (and judge).

This time I really do plan to start making videos. I’ve seen countless people talk about how booktube is one of the most accepting  and welcoming communities on youtube. So what better community to join?

My current plan is to post an introduction type video in July. I’m considering answering some questions in that video so if you have any please leave them in the comments and I’ll try to answer them. 

I have actually filmed some ‘practice’ videos because everyone always says your first video is one of your most awkward (and it really is, in my experience). I still don’t think I’m very confident in front of a camera but I’ll hopefully improve the longer I have my channel. I’m also learning how to edit which is a lot more time consuming/difficult than I first expected it to be, but it’s also really fun.

Before deciding if I was really going to do booktube I was pretty worried what starting would mean for my blog. A lot of booktubers I watch have blogs that are barely updated or they barely post videos to their channels but their blogs have posts on them consistently. I guess when you have both you’ll eventually favor one or the other more, and I’m okay with that. My current plans are to stick with both, but further down the line we’ll see.

But this is supposed to be a blogging update, not a booktube one. So let me tell you about the new posting schedule I’m going to try and follow (emphasis on the try). I want to publish at least three blog posts a week, which is actually the same as what I used to try to do pre-hiatus. Here’s the days I want to post and what one each day:

  • Tuesday – Top Ten Tuesday post
  • Thursday – A discussion/tag post
  • Saturday/Sunday – A review

I’m going to be pretty flexible with what type of posts goes up on what day but I do want to stick to the days. Of course, there will be weeks when I post more and those when I post less but that’s life. Also, if I do start a booktube channel I plan to have a video up every Friday.

That covers everything I wanted to mention in this life + blog update. Now, I’d like to know how have you all been? Did you have exams? How did they go? I hope they went well.




4 thoughts on “Blogging + Life Update; I’m Back!

  1. Carynn @ thereadingberry says:

    I just finished my exams and I feel so relieved but worried at the same time because I felt that I did not do well as the papers were much tougher than I thought! Nevertheless, I’m super happy that I can go back to reading stories and have some time off of notes and textbooks.

    I wish you all the best in booktubing, I don’t have the guts to show my face and college is rather busy too but I do watch lots of booktube videos and I hope I’ll be able to watch yours soon!


    • ohbookish says:

      I’m sure you did fantastic on your exams! Good luck for you results 🙂 It’s great to be able to read after not being able to for so long, right?

      I’m still super nervous about the face thing too, haha. Thank you!! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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