#DiversityDecBingo Announcement + Recommendations

If you follow me on either Twitter or Instagram you may have already seen me talk about the #DiversityDecBingo, but if you don’t (you’re missing out ;)) not to worry I have you guys covered.

#DiversityDecBingo is a month long reading challenge (It starts at 00:00 Dec 1st according to your timezone and ends at 23:59 Dec 31st) hosted by me and some friends. The aim is to encourage people to read books by marginalized authors and/or about marginalized characters. The rules are simple; all you have to do is pick 5 squares in a vertical/horizontal/diagonal row and read one book per prompt (you can’t double up on books so you do have to read a different book for each square). If you’re able to complete your row you’ll be entered into a giveaway (more details will be announced on twitter so make sure you keep an eye out on the #diversitydecbingo hashtag).


I know it can be hard to find books for specific squares so I’m going to share some to make it easier. I haven’t read all of these books so I cannot vouch for how good they are and these are definitely not the only books out there (if you have any more suggestions please leave them in the comments to help your fellow readers). For more information on each book just click on the picture and it’ll direct you to the goodreads page.

Non-western Cultural Fantasy

18798983 29234637  6757426 11774272  25159239

For more recommendations:

Non-Binary Main Character

22692740 15797050 22082075  13262783  17261129

For more recommendations:

Refugee Main Character

7453870   20454083 15717298 9211529 69336

Fore more recommendations:

PoC Superhero(es)

20898019 29812803 29904219 17277819 23017961

For more recommendations:

Chronic Pain Sufferers

28218948 23437156 20702025 16151118 2108198

If anyone else has any recommendations or knows of any posts/lists please leave them in the comments to help your fellow readers out!

Demisexual Main Character

16034526 25322449 25456839 28542635 26020617

For more recommendations:

Muslim Main Character

20898019 3195325 22521951 18713071 3873259

For more recommendations:

Trans Main Character

24612624 26156987 23058402 23295469 23430487

For more recommendations:

Diverse Non-Fiction

24611623 17851885 6493208 13414530 25897734

For more recommendations:

PoC Or Interracial M/M 

12000020 23437156 19542841 11250317 6116947

I couldn’t find any blog posts/lists specifically dedicated to interracial/poc gay relationships but I’m sure if you look hard enough you’ll be able to find more recommendations. I did however stumble across Aimal‘s recommendations graphic which you can view here.

Mental Health Awareness

23305614 248704 18075234 82434 23341894

For more recommendations:

Asian Main Character

29234637 15749186 24790901 22501055 25203675

For more recommendations:

Own Voices

Own voice books are books written about characters who are a certain sexuality/race/religion/etc that the author is also. For example, a trans author writing a book about a trans character would be an own voice.

26156987 19542841 693208 28763485 18693763

For more recommendations:

Non-Western (Real World) Setting

437129 13057939 29776246 11297 27071490

For more recommendations:

PoC On Book Cover

22095547 9415946 28458598 15704307   21396155

Find more recommendations:

PoC With Natural Hair

22295304 32182684  28818313 28503699 22392935

Again, I couldn’t find any specific posts dedicated to this. However, if you use the recommendation links for ‘PoC On Book Covers’ you’ll definitely be able to find more.

Disabled Main Character

17185496 20821111 11387515 20578940 18373

Find more recommendations:

SFF With LGBT+ Main Characters

27969081 22055262 25760792 26252859 29502206

Find more recommendations:

Pansexual Main Character

2384829 25223500 31193155 26240663 28427134

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any posts/lists dedicated to pansexual characters and the books above are all of the ones I could find. If you know of any other books please share them in the comments!

Indigenous Main Character

17071488 13602426 13552764 9436026 3273

Find more recommendations:

F/F Romance

25164304 18667779 17302571 6472451 272315

Find more recommendations:

Biracial Main Character

21979832 11408650 18692431  6449290 17290271

Find more recommendations:


22466429 18829666 28101540 22020598 26109391

Find more recommendations:

Asexual/Aromantic Main Character

25526296 25555364 21427665 25364304 8490112

Find more recommendations:

Of course these aren’t all of the books you can read, so if you know of any other books that would fit any of these categories feel free to read them instead. Since I haven’t read the majority of these books I’m unaware if they’re bad/harmful rep so if you have read any of them and think they are please inform me so I can remove them.

Will you be participating? What row will you be doing? Have you already decided on your TBR? Tell me in the comments!

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19 thoughts on “#DiversityDecBingo Announcement + Recommendations

  1. 4thhouseontheleft says:

    I was still undecided on the SFF with LGBT+ Main Character category ( I am doing one of the down columns), your recommendations really help for that category! I have already read ADSOM, so I will probably choose either Timekeeper or Labyrinth Lost. Thanks!


  2. whatthelog says:

    What a fantastic post, thank you! I’ve already picked which books I’m going to do for Diversity December Bingo, but this has definitely reminded me of some to pick up in 2017!


  3. Aislynn d'Merricksson says:

    I would love to play! Do we have to pick a row, or can we let it grow organically? I review professionally and never know what I might get that fits a category.

    For disabled- the highwayman by RA Salvatore
    For indigenous main- Island of the Blue Dolphins (or any of the First Americans series by W Michael and Kathleen O’Neal Gear)


  4. Jennifer Hallock says:

    Read diverse AND indie! Check out #romanceclass books (http://romanceclassbooks.com/) for non-Western setting and Asian main characters. Also, Hold Me by Courtney Milan has a trans main character, POC on the cover, biracial main character, and #ownvoices. Also her book Talk Sweetly to Me has a POC on the cover. Piper Huguley, Rebekah Weatherspoon, and Alyssa Cole are #ownvoices authors, just to name a few. Tamsen Parker’s Looking for a Complication is F/F, and Teresa Noelle Roberts’s Chronicles of the Malcolm is SFF which includes LBGTQ+. Damon Suede is M/M #ownvoices. My book, Hotel Oriente, has a deaf heroine, and Under the Sugar Sun has a non-Western setting and biracial/Asian main character. Many of these indie titles are good values, and if you’re going to be reading a lot…check them out.

    Though not indie, Jeannie Lin’s romance series are all set in different periods of Chinese history. There is even an Asian steampunk. (I love the Lotus Palace series set in the Tang Dynasty.) KJ Charles writes interracial M/M. Enjoy!


  5. TeacherofYA says:

    I didn’t know Daughter of Smoke and Bone was considered an asexual/aromantic read. I’m going to read the last one but I thought she had feelings (romantic) for the Angel…maybe I don’t know enough about it to make a judgment on some of these categories…


    • Emily D says:

      The main character is not asexual. There is a side character (Liraz) who many believe to be asexual, though arguments could be made against that. I myself would not count it as an asexual read.

      Liked by 1 person

      • TeacherofYA says:

        Oh, ok. That’s why I got confused. Thank you! I remember Liraz. I need to read the last book still and I have it checked out: it’s been awhile since I have read the first two. I have seen a couple other people use this book as their choice for book bingo so I was confused about it.


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