2017 Bookish + Blogging Resolutions/ Goals

First and foremost, Happy New Year everyone! I still can’t believe how quickly 2016 ended but here’s to hoping 2017 is a much better year because 2016 kinda sucked.

Now, I’m the type of person who always makes one or two new years resolutions and then completely forgets about said resolutions a week later. However, this year I really want to make some changes in my life and stick to them. So for today’s post, in celebration of the new year, I decided to share some of my bookish + blogging resolutions/goals.

Bookish Goals

Read 60 Books

Usually I aim to read 50 books per year, but in 2016 I was able to read 84 things (I say things and not books because this number includes books, novellas, graphic novels and comic bind ups), which made me think it was about time I set myself a higher goal. I will confess that I am aiming to read 100 books this year but since I’m not too sure how busy the rest of the school year is going to be for me, I decided to be reasonable and set my official goal to 60 books.

Reduce The Number of Unread Books on My Shelf to 10-20 books

Now this is strictly speaking about the number of physical books I own. Currently there are about 60 unread books on my shelf, which, frankly, is a ridiculous number. I’ve tried this goal before and I have been close to achieving it but then half-way through the year the number of books I was receiving/buying got a little ridiculous again. I’m going to try to prevent this by having a reward system. For every five physical books (that I own) I read I can buy one. I’m also going to request no physical ARCS/review copies unless I absolutely am dying to get my hands on the book.

Reread the Harry Potter Series

If you didn’t already know I buddy reread the first book in the Harry Potter series and it made me nostalgic for the wizarding world. I haven’t reread the series in 3-5 years and so it felt almost like reading it for the first time again. I now want to reread the rest of the series in 2017. I don’t know if I’ll read the physical books (since this would be the first time reading from my current set) or if I’ll audiobook the series (I’ve heard great things about the narration) but either way I’ll be trying to read one book per month until I’ve finished the entire series. Obviously, this doesn’t include the first book since I just finished it. I also might, despite knowing I’ll probably not love it, read The Cursed Child once I’ve finished the original series.

Complete A Minimum of 12 Squares From The Yearly Diversity Bingo

You might be wondering what the yearly diversity bingo is since I’ve yet to upload the announcement post, it will be up soon but if you’re eager you can view the board here. There are 36 squares and the goal is to complete every single square and whilst I am going to try to complete as much of the board as possible, I’ll be extremely disappointed if I can’t complete at least 12 squares.

Complete My 2017 TBR Jar Challenge

This is another challenge I’ve yet to upload my announcement post but if you saw my 2016 TBR Jar Challenge post it’s essentially the same thing, just with different challenges. I had a lot of fun doing that challenge last year and so I’m really hoping I enjoy it just as much this time around.


Blogging Goals

Review At Least 4 Books Per Month

One thing I’ve noticed during my time blogging is my surprising lack of reviews. For me reviews tend to be the posts that take me the longest and so when life gets busy they’re the ones I stop writing first. In 2017 I really want to change that. I’m also contemplating changing the way I format my reviews, and to have shorter versions of my reviews, to help me keep up with this goal even when life is busy.

Reply to All/Most Comments

I believe this was one of my goals for 2016 or 2015 too, and whilst I do think I was doing a better (still not as good as I wanted mind you) job, I’ve kind of fallen into a rut where I’m awful at responding again. I keep telling myself that I’ll go back and respond to comments on older posts but I’ve realized that’s preventing me from responding on comments on my more recent posts. I’ve decided that starting from today I’m not going to go back to older posts to respond but instead focus on making sure I reply to comments as they come in so I’m not so overwhelmed again. I also want to take this time to say that whilst I might not always respond to comments (mainly because Uni has been so busy recently that I just haven’t had the time) I do read them and I definitely appreciate every single one of them. Thank you so much for taking out time in your day to leave a comment on my little blog, it means more than I can put into words.

Start a Booktube Channel

Honestly, I don’t know how realistic this one is since I’ve been saying, for the past two years, that I’ll be starting a channel. I really do want to start a channel and I have filmed an introduction video -which turned out to be super awkward and now I’m thankful I never uploaded it. I’ll probably refilm my intro and then finally start my channel either during the summer or at some point before then, if I have time. If you’re interested in watching my videos I’d be grateful if you could leave recommendations in the comments on what types of videos you’d like to see.

Write More Posts Highlighting Diverse Books/Diversity In General

I’ve tried to do this already but I definitely don’t think I’m doing as much as I could. I have a lot of discussion posts planned for the future discussing diversity/diverse books but I also want to feature more diverse characters/authors/books on my blog too. I’ll continue to participate in the Diversity Spotlight Thursday meme but I’m also thinking of starting a new feature on my blog dedicated to diversity.

I do have a few more bookish/blogging goals/resolutions but these are the ones I’m more passionate about sticking to/completing. I also have a few non-bookish/blogging goals which I probably won’t be sharing on my blog. What are some of your bookish/blogging resolutions/goals for 2017? Are you excited for the diversity bingo? Tell me in the comments!

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14 thoughts on “2017 Bookish + Blogging Resolutions/ Goals

  1. Lizzy says:

    I’m still struggling to find the right format for my reviews! They do take the longest to write, I think. I like writing them, but sometimes I feel like I ramble on and on. I’m working on it.


  2. readbooksanddrinkcoffee says:

    I’m glad to see other people participating in the 2017 Diversity Bingo.
    Sometimes writing a review is easy sometimes it’s not. I don’t know how some people write their reviews so nicely and have a nice and organised order to their reviews, I just type down all of my thoughts without adding any spoilers.
    – Yasmin


  3. Lucy C says:

    I would be very interested if you do a Booktube channel, I’m always looking for more people to follow 🙂 I find I like the monthly wrap up videos and the book discussion videos (like ‘Top Five Books…’ ‘Least Favourite Tropes…’) the most!

    Thanks for linking to the yearly diverse challenge square, I’ve been looking for one to help focus my ‘reading more diversely’ resolution.


  4. Anna @MyBookishDream says:

    Happy New Year!! Hope this year will treat you well and that you’ll achieve everything you plan! ❤
    I really want to reduce the number of owned unread books to 10 as well. I currently have 50 and it's seriously ridiculous to have that many unread books just sitting around.
    Good luck with all your resolutions!!


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